Temple Daily Telegram

Name: Darryl Polasek

Age: 17

School: Bartlett High School

Grade: 12

Parents: Gilbert and Patricia Polasek

Grandparents: Virginia and Edward Michalik


Football (10-12), second-team all-district kicker

junior year for state championship team;

senior year kicker, punter, quarterback and

defensive back

Baseball (9-12), second-team all-district second

baseman as sophomore; honorable mention

junior year

Basketball (9-12)

Track (9-12)

Class officer

Student council officer

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Future Farmers of America

Catholic Youth Organization; highway litter control


UIL number sense (9-12)

National Honor Society officer

HOBY delegate sophomore year

Goals in life:

"I wish to go to college in order to further my education and gain the knowledge I need to be successful in life. It has been my goal to go to college and better myself in order that I may, in turn, give back to my community and try to make a difference in our society."

What's important to Darryl:

"Out of all the activities that I am actively involved in, the focus of my life right now is receiving an education. An education will ultimately play a more important rule in my life than all of the activities that I am currently involved in."

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