THS production

The Temple High School production of “Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play” will have public performances Thursday to Saturday. Safety guidelines, including the wearing of masks, will be in place.

Temple High’s theater program is drawing inspiration from 1950s radio broadcasting for its upcoming show titled “Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play” — performances that will run from Thursday to Saturday.

“With ‘The Lodger,’ ‘Sabotage’ and ‘The 39 Steps,’ 'Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play' is a triple feature, complete with vintage commercials, that recreates a daring train chase, a serial killer’s ominous presence, and a devastating explosion through the magic of live sound effects and musical underscoring,” the theater program said.

Cameron Hooper, 17, told the Telegram how he hopes each 8 p.m. showing will bring some light during a time of darkness.

“There’s COVID-19 going around, and unfortunately, it’s taken a lot of events away from us that we can’t do this year,” Hooper said. “Being able to do this play is an extremely good blessing.”

Hooper emphasized how one of the more unique aspects of the show is the utilization of a “foley table” — a station, where sound technicians use a multitude of objects to produce sounds for the production.

“In regular plays, you usually have a sound table but a foley table is more in the moment,” he said. “It’s very helpful and it creates a lot more roles for people to audition for as well.”

The production also will allow for students to easily distance from one another while on stage.

“It’s a great show to do in a time of COVID-19 because we can socially distance the kids more while still going to do theater … And the audience also will be socially distant as well,” Natasha Tolleson, Temple High’s head theater director, said.

In addition to being physically distant, both theater and audience members are required to wear masks at all times. However, Tolleson also noted some additional key changes from prior performances.

“Although we usually open the house at 7:30 p.m., we won’t open until 7:45 p.m. because we don’t want the audience in there long … And after the show, the kids won’t come out to greet their parents since we are not having formal greetings in the student center because of COVID-19,” Tolleson said.

Tickets can be purchased online at

“The ticket system is all online for safety reasons … We’re not dealing with physical money,” Phoebe Gonzales, who will play one of the show’s announcers, said.