Dear Readers: If your cat is a bit chubby, that is not a good thing. Any extra fat that your cat has could cause aching joints, diabetes or liver problems. But how do you really know if your cat is fat? Try this. Can you feel your cat’s ribs or spine? If you cannot, your cat is most likely o…

Dear Annie: I was married 45-plus years when my husband passed away. After being alone for a few years, I married a longtime family friend. His wife had passed away several years earlier. He pursued me and is a good man, and we seem to be happy together.

Dear Heloise: Many times I’ve received a gift in a nice strong box, and I hate to toss it out in the recycle bin, so I save it. When the holidays roll around, I reuse those boxes to wrap gifts.

Dear Annie: For close to 50 years, my friend “Chloe” and I have met for dinner once a week, and she always discusses her husband’s past affair, which occurred over 50 years ago and lasted a year. They are still married and had a few children after the affair ended. She seems to refuse to bel…

Dear Annie: My girlfriend and I met about two years ago. She has two younger kids, ages 3 and 6. I have older kids, 15 and 16. She’s a “helicopter parent” who wants to micromanage everything her kids do. Well, when it comes to my kids, she wants to scrutinize everything they do, too.

Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for nearly three decades. Up until seven years ago, my husband, who is very sensitive, had a difficult time making friends. Oh, he’s super funny, charismatic and adventurous, but he struggled outside the home.

Dear Readers: If you use a curling iron, it’s likely that hairspray will accumulate on it. Here’s how to remove that sticky spray. First, after using the curling iron, unplug it and allow it to cool. Then use one of these two ways to get the spray off:

Richard Bush recently took this photo of a bee early one morning in his Temple rose garden.

Members of the Central Texas Travel Club recently visited Palo Duro Canyon in the Panhandle and stopped to hae their picture taken in front of “Big” Tex Randall, a lanky, slouching cowboy giant standing since 1959 in a picturesque park off of Interstate 25 in Canyon. After a long period of d…


The Central Texas Wildlife Center in Belton has a passion for aiding any abandoned, injured and distressed wildlife. Residents that come across abandoned, injured, or distressed wildlife can call the center at 254-702-0042.

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The Central Texas Orchestral Society has announced that its new season coming up at the CAC in Temple will include four in-person concerts. The first concert will take place Sept. 26 and will feature the genre-bending Empire Wild trio.