Dear Heloise: I must be on someone’s list, because I get address labels, notepads and other things from various charities that I’ve never heard of before. I give to a few charities that have special meaning to me and ones that work to help both people and animals. How do I stop these people from bombarding me with all the junk they send me and have them stop asking for donations?

— Elizabeth F., St. Albans, Vt.

Elizabeth, you will need to contact the charity directly and ask them to remove you from their mailing list.

Another thing to try is to not give small amounts to many charities, but rather to give a larger gift to only a couple of charities. If you send $25 or less, the charity really doesn’t make much from that amount. This is especially true when you consider the cost of the mail-out. So to cover their costs, they sell their list of donors to other charities. However, charities tend to be a bit more protective of those who send larger amounts. Your best bet might be to only send money to two or three charities that you are really interested in and ignore the rest.

— Heloise