Dear Heloise: I’m what most people would call a “road warrior” because I travel so much with my job. I’ve learned ways to make traveling easier and lighter.

I always pack my earrings in a plastic pill container with the days of the week marked on top of each opening.

I put shoes in plastic shower caps to keep them from soiling my clothes. I also never take brand-new shoes that haven’t been broken in yet.

All medication, makeup and important papers, such as a passport, are in a carry-on bag, and dirty laundry is stored in plastic grocery bags in my suitcase.

I use a luggage strap around my bags but never lock them just in case airport security needs to open my suitcase. You also can put a key ring through the holes on the zipper pulls, connecting them together. This takes longer to open a suitcase, but it discourages thieves.

I never take real jewelry with me, only costume jewelry, and even then, only a little. Valuable jewelry makes you an easy target for robbery.

Have a basic outfit you can dress up or down, according to the occasion. This is why so many women like a plain black dress.

— Helen H., Dallas