Bobby and Alice Hoelscher of Red Ranger celebrated their 60th anniversary with a family dinner hosted by their children at Ratibor Country Grill.

Kenneth and Jenette Driska of Westphalia celebrated their 50th anniversary with a family dinner and they will take a trip to Branson, Mo., at a later date.

Richard and Beverly Kermode of Temple celebrated their 50th anniversary with a family dinner at Cheeves Bros. Steakhouse.

Dear Annie: After four years of a long-distance relationship, my fiancé just moved from his home state to mine. He retired, and although he is financially stable, we still have to stay on a budget to be able to afford our living expenses, future travel and entertainment. We budget how often …

Dear Heloise: I never use ammonia on any gems, soft or hard. Most have color added, and that will significantly fade, as I found out the hard way. I use a glass cleaner without ammonia and a soft brush. No need to soak. I rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.

Robert and Barbara Macek of Cyclone will celebrate their 50th anniversary at a later date because of COVID-19.

Stacy and Barbara Maness of Rosebud celebrated their 50th anniversary with dinner at Oscar Store in Temple with family and friends. A trip to Hawaii is planned for the future after COVID.