Belton Senior Center

Friday, Aug. 2

1st: Robert Baugh and Norma Riddle

2nd: Bill and Caroline Ford

3rd: Marie Williams and Ruth Weasmer

4th: Carol Pappas and Julian Patterson

5th: Betty French and Bonnie Roberts

Bridge Studio of


Thursday, Aug. 2

1st Roy and Juanita Butler

Friday, Aug. 2

Overall Rank

1st: Juanita Butler and Asa Waterman

2nd: Carol Ann Wadley and Vennie Lee

3rd: Bennie Hansson and Jerry Smith

Sunday, Aug. 4

Swiss teams

1st: Dennis Laxton and Gene Thompson; Jan Hart and Carol Ann Wadley


Monday, Aug. 5

Section A

1st: Pat Johnson and Wanda Carter

2nd: George Fowler and Les Koster

3rd: Rowland Bartoo and Lennie Wilkins

Section B

3rd: Joel Wagher and Glen Easterwood

Temple Duplicate

Monday, Aug. 5

Section A

1st: Melody Euler and Tom Corlett

2nd: Charlynn Casey and Georgia Tarver

3rd: Stephen Olson and Helen Simonette

Section B

2nd: Roy and Juanita Butler

Rolling Hills

North American pairs qualifying game


Strat A

1. George Fowler and Les Koster

2. Tom and Ethel Corlett

3. Ann Fulcner and Wanda Carter

4. Asa Waterman and Richard Wall

5. Belva Barrington and Amy Wilson

Strat B

4. Helen Levy and Pat Johnson

Sammons Senior

Aug. 1

North - South

1st: Theresa Dollar and Ruth Weasmer

2nd: Patsy Elllison and Helen Sanderford

3rd: Elsie Carlson and Dorothy White

4th: Carol Pappas and Beverly Kermode

East - West

1st: Debra Goodnight and Mary Reid

2nd: Jan and Rowland Bartoo

3rd: Betty and Jim Burkhead

4th: Faye Henley and La Wilda Chapman

Aug. 6

North - South

1st: Dorothy White and Elsie Carlson

2nd: Maxine Lisenbe and Losson Rogers

3rd: Irv Cummings and Lucille Kibbe

4th: Jan and Rowland Bartoo

East - West

1st: Theresa Dollar and Ruth Weasmer

2nd: Jean Wells and Joan Plumlee

3rd: Wanda Myers and Sally Swisher

4th: Frances Anderson and Geri Gaffney