Fabric artwork

Abstract fabric art, likes this piece by Susie Monday, is featured in the “Transformations” exhibit now on display at the Azalee Marshall Cultural Activities Center in Temple.

“Transformations,” an exhibit of abstract art quilts, is now on display in the Saulsbury gallery at the Azalee Marshall Cultural Activities Center, 3011 N. Third St. in Temple.

The exhibit, which features pieces by Sherri Lipman McCauley, Susie Monday and the Austin Art Group, demonstrates how artists transform materials into stories, images and messages.

“These abstract works are about line, shape, composition, movement and pattern, energy and emotion. Perhaps they require a little more from the viewer — we are not relying upon subject matter to tell a visual story — but nevertheless we are transforming the visions in our minds’ eyes into artwork that has impact, inspires emotion or curiosity. We hope our work helps our viewers look beyond an object into that which is non-verbal, a relationship more akin to listening to music than looking at a photograph,” artist Susie Monday said.

The mediums used in this exhibit include fiber materials such as cloth, thread, batting, paint, dye and more.

About the artists:

Sherri Lipman McCauley

Sherri Lipman McCauley, a fiber artist who lives and works in Lakeway, brings her life experiences together in the creation of her artwork. McCauley is educated as a teacher, trained as a programmer, and has emerged as an artist, creating serendipitous fiber designs. Her design work often starts with black and white marks, with the addition of colors and shapes to reflect emotions and events in her life. The color and shapes represent the artist’s interaction with the world in which we live. With many experiences yet to encounter, many dyes and paints to explore, and many yards of fabric to tangle with, McCauley hopes her abstract art provokes the viewer and allows them to connect with the abstractions, finding delight in the view. For more information about this artist visit http://sherrilipmanmccauley.blogspot.com.

Susie Monday

The work and life of Susie Monday is informed and inspired by the Texas Borderlands where she works and teaches in person and online from her studio near Pipe Creek. Although much of her previous work was narrative and folk art inspired, a couple of years ago she began exploring abstract compositions, influence by her early art training in the late 1960s, in the shadow of abstract expressionism. A studio art graduate from Trinity University, Monday has written many articles, co-authored a book on creativity for parents, and teaches and lectures in person and online about digital design, creative process and surface design. For more information about Monday visit www.susiemonday.com.

Austin Art Group

This group of textile artists and art quilters have worked collaboratively together for more than eight years, creating a body of work around common themes. Artists include: Anne Holliday Abbott, Frances Holliday Alford, Betty Hildebrand Colburn, Jean Dahlgren, Barb Forrister, Pearl Gonzalez, Connie Hudson, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Raewyn Khosla, Sherri Lipman McCauley, Diane Sandlin, Susan Lewis Storey, Niki Valentine Vick and Kathy York. This collaboration took place during the time all the artists lived in Austin.

The “Transformations” exhibit will be on display through Monday, Aug. 24.

Other exhibits

Other exhibits currently on display at the CAC include “A Moby Dick Experience,” by Hershall Seals in the Carabasi gallery, an exhibit featuring multiple artists from the Central Texas Art League in the McCreary gallery, and Roger Sadler’s “A Retrospective” in the Howard gallery.

The galleries at the CAC are open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.For more information call the CAC 254-773-9926 or visit cacarts.org.