Journey from Baja to Alaska

“Journey from Baja to Alaska” is the latest book by local writer Dr. Robert E. Burke. It is part of the “Buddy the Globetrotter” juvenile fiction series.

Local author and retired pediatrician, Dr. R.E. Burke, has just published the third book in his “Buddy the Globetrotter” travel series.

The series genre is juvenile fiction, but the tales blend a sense of adventure and realism suitable for advanced and other readers.

In “Journey From Baja To Alaska,” like the other books in the series, narration is by a dog named Buddy.

As one reviewer of his previous books said, his tales are “fun, informative, interesting, and educational”.

Dr. Burke reports that this story is based on his travels to Baja, Mexico, Haida Gwaii, and the inside passage to Alaska.

He shared his real experiences to these places last year (May 5, June 30, and July 7) in a series of travel articles exclusive for the Temple Daily Telegram.

All “Buddy the Globetrotter” books are available in e-format and paperback on Amazon.

He encourages those who purchase books to leave a review. More information is available on his website, For further inquiries, Dr. Burke can be reached at or 254-654-5169.

Although his travel this year has been restricted because of COVID-19, Dr. Burke will continue to write books for the series based on his prior adventures. Buddy the Globetrotter next ventures forth onto the world’s second largest continent, Africa.