One Central Texas family is taking their Christmas decorations to a whole new level.

Although Bill Kirkland has assembled an innovative Christmas display each year, the Temple resident stressed how this year’s decorations top the festivities from years prior.

His family’s display features 22 Christmas trees, 17 deer, eight snowmen, six lighted signs, five “Christmas pigs,” two large crosses, angels, a 6-foot stack of lighted gifts, a 1957 Chevrolet with lighted wheels, a nativity scene and a 12-foot animated “mega tree.”

“If you tune to FM 87.7, you can listen to the song as it is animated on the (mega tree) and star,” Kirkland said. “I had to kind of dig back into my computer skills but it was fun, you know, just trying to get it all figured out and everything … and then even more fun than ever when it actually worked.”

Currently, their light show display only corresponds to one song — “Mary, Did you Know?”

“But I’m going to be adding two more,” Kirkland said. “We’ll also have ‘What Child is This?’ and ‘Christmas Twist,’” he said.

Kirkland, who noted that the light display went live on Dec. 2, emphasized how his family’s choice in holiday decorations stems from their Christian faith.

“We don’t have a Santa Claus out there because Christmas, to us, is religion based,” he said. “So, you know, we have some signs that say ‘keep Christ in Christmas’ and ‘happy birthday Jesus.’ It’s geared that way but it’s still about all the lights for the kids … and it just it really thrills us to see how they enjoy it.”

Although his family’s display has averaged about 30 vehicles each night, Kirkland hopes more residents will swing by in celebration of the Christmas season.

“We love to share Christmas with everyone, so come out to 8431 State Highway 95, Temple, Texas — just north of Academy,” he said. “Drive through our circular drive and enjoy the festival of lights.”

Kirkland just asks that their visitors keep one thing in mind.

“I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and remembers what Christmas is all about,” he said. “I mean the gifts and all that is just wonderful for the kids … but it’s also good to let them know why we celebrate Christmas. That’s the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.”