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This image shows the cover for “Passage Into Asia,” a children’s book by local author and retired pediatrician Dr. Robert Burke.

Dr. Robert E. Burke, a local author and retired pediatrician, has announces the publication of “Passage Into Asia,” the sixth book in his “Buddy the Globetrotter” series of travel tales.

Dr. Burke has previously shared photographs and a summary of his travels to these places with the Temple Daily Telegram.

His book series is in the genre juvenile fiction, but the travel adventures narrated by a delightful dog named Buddy are in real places to which the author has traveled. The target audience is middle school readers and others, especially anyone interested in travel and stories about dogs.

In this adventure, readers will have the opportunity to romp with Buddy from the “kingdom of happiness” to the “roof of the world” then into the “belly of the rooster” and along the “trails of the samurai”. Readers will learn how 60 percent of humanity lives on Earth’s largest continent.

“Once again, you will be able to travel to the far reaches of our globe from the comfort of your home and favorite chair,” Burke said.

The story is fiction, but the places are real. So, regardless of age, readers interested in places to which they have never traveled in Asia will find this adventure fun, informative, and insightful.

“The beauty of travel is how it connects and bonds us to other humans despite our differences, and how it shatters myths while blending expectations with reality. ‘Passage into Asia’ makes such a connection, forges such a bond, and creates that blend,” Burke said.

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The entire series is available on as an e-book or paperback.