Ready to perform

Performers for the Temple Civic Theatre’s upcoming musical fundraiser include Dr. Ben Irom, left, Wayne Bachus, Gabor Nicholson, Dr. Sarah Harris Baker, Dr. Gary Gosney, Judge John Mischtian and Priscilla Santana.

Wayne Bachus said he doesn’t know what his life would be like without the Temple Civic Theatre.

“We do incredible things. I don’t know what my life would’ve been like if it wasn’t for Temple Civic Theatre,” Wayne told the Telegram. “It certainly wouldn’t have been as much fun.”

And Bachus is excited to continue that fun, as he directs “Live from Temple, It’s Saturday Night Theatre” from his home’s den next weekend. The show — which features music vocalists find relevant to the current COVID-19 situation — will go live on Facebook at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday.

“We just had to step back, scratch our heads and find a way that works today,” he said. “Because of the situation we had to invest in the necessary equipment to do live-streaming, which we will have to do until the experts tell us it’s safe ... And enough people in the public actually believe that.”

The show will feature vocalists Sara Harris Baker, John Mischtian, Priscilla Santana and Gabor Nicholson — who will be accompanied by Bachus and Ben Irom. Sue Corman, Prescott Hersey, Chaz Macklin and Gary Gosney are serving as the show’s crew.

Bachus said the show will last approximately an hour, and performers will take proper safety measures when possible.

“My den is a large enough room that we can pretty much keep social distancing,” he said. “Everybody is going to have (hand sanitizer) and everybody’s temperature will be checked.”

However, Bachus wants viewers to understand that singers will not be able to wear face coverings during their performances.

“They’re not going to be able to sing with masks on,” he said. “When they are singing they won’t have their masks on, but they will the rest of the time.”

Although the show will be live-streamed through Temple Civic Theatre’s Facebook page for free, donations are encouraged.

“We’re equipped to take donations electronically. We will be streaming things on the bottom of the screen during the broadcast, giving people instructions on to how to do that,” Bachus said.

Temple Civic Theatre asks those who intend to make donations to note their donation is for the “Live from Temple, It’s Saturday Night Theatre” event.