Skydive Temple has been in the thrill-seeking industry for more than 40 years, and staff are still looking for every opportunity they can to leap from an airplane.

Although Skydive Temple has received a number of customer cancellations in response to COVID-19, Wendy Faulkner, a manager at Skydive Temple, said business has survived with area residents scouring for entertainment options near their homes.

Luckily for Skydive Temple, 15771 South Interstate 35 in Salado, the chance to fall through the sky at speeds greater than 125 mph has remained on many people’s bucket lists — a list of opportunities an individual may want to experience before dying.

“There’s no European vacations … so (residents) tend to do a lot of stuff closer to home and a lot of the local attractions will tend to do well,” Faulkner said. “We’ve certainly had plenty of cancellations because of COVID-19, but overall, it was a decent year.”

She noted how Skydive Temple is typically busier during the summer, and cited the warmer weather during those months.

“We’ll have 10 to 20 customers (each day) on the weekends, but in the summer it’s way busier,” Faulkner said. “We do a lot of student training here also, so we tend to have students most days.”

But Scott and Anthony Maschek — Skydive Temple’s owners — hope to get more veterans at their facility, and Faulkner highlighted a current promotion for its local heroes.

“It’s been shown that skydiving and other extreme sports are good for PTSD, so we have a grant through the Veterans Association,” Faulkner said. “We can give a certain number of tandems to veterans for free … as long as they have the proper paperwork from the VA.”

Veterans, who want to inquire about a free tandem jump can call Skydive Temple at 254-947-3483 for more information. Meanwhile, standard pricing options can be accessed online at, according to Skydive Temple’s website.

Similar to other industries in Texas, Skydive Temple — featuring United States Parachute Association-rated instructors — also has had to shift some of its daily procedures after reviewing COVID-19 guidance.

“We have everybody wearing masks in the building and on the airplanes. They just take them off right before we jump,” she said. “We make sure everything is sanitized … the standard stuff that everybody is doing.”