The River Church, 312 W. Highway 190, is going through water damage repair, not all of it from the “big freeze” this past March, said Richard Gatto, the pastor.

A sin-corrupted creation does, at times, deal us a bad hand. If we were to catalog the most severe heartaches in life we’d probably find items on the list such as cancer, divorce, or car crashes. I think we’d also find on that dubious list the pain of a parent agonizing over a wayward child.…

The annual God and Country concert will take place 3 p.m. Sunday, July 4, at the First Baptist Church, 506 N. Main St. in Belton. The concert is free and open to the public.

We celebrated Father’s Day last Sunday, honoring our earthly fathers, but how much more should we honor our Heavenly Father? His love is the most powerful, liberating force in the universe.

About 40 people from throughout the city spent a chunk of last weekend assisting neighbors in need of a helping hand.

Many years ago in the rural South a group met one summer evening to pray and worship God. When the singing ended and the preacher stood to share, a torrential thunderstorm broke, interrupting the service.

Every day we are faced with situations that test us. It is the ancient struggle between the power of Light and the powers of darkness. Good and evil are always fighting over the souls of men.