Time is a gift we have that can never be regained if it is wasted. Everyone here is on a journey that will end one day.

I would like to call our attention to one feature of the work for social change, justice, and freedom, that I am convinced is essential. There is a needed contribution from communities of faith.

Seven chaplains graduated from the Family Life Chaplain Qualification Course during a ceremony held Friday, Dec. 11, at the Chaplain Family Life Training Center at Fort Hood.

Six-year-old Macon Messer, right, raises his candle and shows an expression of joy as he sings in celebration of the birth of Jesus during a Christmas Eve service Dec. 24 at the First United Methodist Church of Belton. Also pictured on the left is Emma Lathi, 11.

Our nation and our world are experiencing desperate and depressing times. Instead of focusing on all the bad news, we must take time to focus on the good news that Christmas is all about — the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Two rural pastors meet midway between their houses of worship each week, seeking each other’s counsel, sharing their joys — and, more often, their burdens.