Christ Episcopal Church in downtown Temple has announced that it will host “Sacred Ground,” a dialogue series about race and race relations.

The series is “focused on the challenges that swirl around issues of race and racism, as well as the difficult but respectful and transformative dialogue we need to have with each other about them,” Ami J. Hooper, communications director at Christ Episcopal Church, said in a news release.

The series invites participants to walk back through history in order to peel away the layers that brought us to today, and to do so in a personal way, reflecting on family histories and stories, as well as important narratives that shape the collective American story.

“It holds the vision of beloved community as a guiding star – where all people are honored and protected and nurtured as beloved children of God, where we weep at one another’s pain and seek one another’s flourishing,” Hooper said.

Some key characteristics of the Sacred Ground dialogue series are:

It is built around powerful documentary films and readings, will serve as the jumping-off point for dialogue.

It brings participants’ attention to various key chapters in U.S. history of race and racism, as well some of the latest thinking by scholars and practitioners of racial healing, racial equity, and whiteness.

It focuses on indigenous, black, Latino, and Asian American histories as they intersect with European American histories.

It emphasizes personal story-sharing and deepening relationships.

It puts attention on issues related to race, while also examining how those issues intersect with family history, class status, regional identity (regional cultures, urban/rural divides, coasts versus heartland), and political identity.

Framed as a spiritual journey, it is grounded in the Christian faith – in the example of Jesus Christ and the power of scripture, prayer, God’s grace, and the Holy Spirit to help us step closer to the dream of beloved community.

If you’d like to know more, or you would like to attend the series, contact Christ Church’s office to sign up at 254-773-1657 or email sally@

Those interested in finding out more about this program are invited to attend an organizational meeting set 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 2, in the church’s library. The church is located at 300 N. Main St. in Temple.