Closet of Hope

Children's clothing items are shown at the Closet of Hope.

For a ministry giving away clothing to those in need in Heidenheimer, the ongoing pandemic has only allowed them to help more instead of less.

Closet of Hope, a ministry of House of Hope Outreach, has seen an increase in donations of clothing since the start of the pandemic. The ministry accepts donated clothes and gives them out for free to others in the community who are in need.

Mike Baggerly, who is a director of the organization along with his wife, Lisa, said they just want to help families who are struggling or are in a bad situation.

“We do a lot of work with the homeless and with families who are relocating due to domestic issues or things such as this,” Mike said. “We are just here trying to provide some articles of clothing for them and give them a fresh start to help them feel better about themselves.”

Mike said the ministry, which opened in September 2019, has spent almost half of its time being open dealing with the pandemic and those affected by it.

The ministry accepts donations of gently used clothing, shoes and backpacks from the community, giving the donations to those at their building or to other organizations. The group works with nearby Temple organizations such as Feed My Sheep, the Salvation Army and Centex Rehabilitation Center.

Lisa said the ministry does limit those receiving clothing to only six pieces, to help preserve the limited amount of jackets and jeans.

The Baggerlys said they have no requirement or qualifications needed for members of the public to come in and receive clothing, instead trusting in the goodness of people.

“We try and give them whatever they need,” Lisa said. “I don’t ask for any paperwork or anything, I just trust people and know that God sends them this way.”

Mike said the ministry actively asks for donations from the community but makes sure everything they get is in good condition, not worn out or with holes.

“We are particular about what we give out, but the donations are rolling in,” Mike said. “There are some people who just want to drop off anything and we are not just going to give out anything. It has got to be good stuff.”

For information or to make an appointment with the Closet of Hope call 254-624-3043.