A new place to worship

The sanctuary is shown recently at A New Day Fellowship Church in Temple. The church has relocated from North 23rd Street in Temple into the former Bethune Early Childhood Center, located at 510 E. Ave. J.

It’s the dawn of a new era at A New Day Fellowship Church.

Last year the congregation moved from it’s original location on North 23rd Street in Temple into the former Bethune Early Childhood Center, located at 510 E. Ave. J.

The Rev. Robert H. Beamon, pastor of A New Day Fellowship, said a grand opening and ribbon cutting was held in November to officially open the new church and daycare center to the area.

“We’ve been on the north side of town for so long, and our heart’s desire is to go to the east side, because we believe that God sent us to where there’s need,” he said.

Beamon said the church wants to bring resources to the east side of Temple and reach out to people who need.

He said one reason the church needed a new facility was because they wanted to open a learning academy and the old building was too small. Beamon said, because their new building used to be a school, it was the perfect spot.

They purchased the building from the Temple Independent School District and put the old facility up for sale.

“We moved from a six thousand square foot building to a over 37,000 square foot building,” he said.

Beamon said the church’s new home has quite a few amenities. He said they had to “tweak it a little bit” and give the building some extra care, but they had plenty of help from the City of Temple, the Un-Included Club and other local churches. He said the assistance they received was bigger than he expected and he’s grateful for the help to beautify the area.

“There was no construction that was needed,” Beamon said. “The only thing we had to do was just clean it up, paint it, and little small things coming together to get this going on.”

A New Day Fellowship has already been able to hold services in its new home for the past several months.

 “I’m very excited,” Beamon said. “Overwhelmed, but excited that God has allowed us to perform this duty that’s he’s willing us to do in this area.”

One amenity Beamon is particularly enthusiastic about is the detached gymnasium, which members of the community will be able to use to host events, including a health program on Monday and a free clinic in February.

“This is a community ordeal,” he said. “It’s not just our facility, our place. It’s for the community.”

Beamon said the church’s new location is a gateway that opens avenues. He said people who don’t have transportation or are unable to reach other parts of town would now have more opportunities available to them.

He said the church’s heart is on the east side of town and they hope to let the community know they are there for them.