As an outreach of its children’s ministry, the First Baptist Church of Temple will once again tell everybody to go fly a kite. Their annual Kite Day will be noon-2 p.m. Sunday.

Jonathan Brown, the children’s pastor, said the sky above the field west of the church building will be filled with all kinds of kites. This is about the sixth time the church has done this and there is always a huge variety of kites, he said: big ones, little ones, kites with two strings, box kites, mermaid kites, elephant kites, tiger kites, “you name it.”

“I don’t think we’ve had homemade kites,” he said. “They can be bought as cheaply as $2.” Even the big kites only cost $10 or $12, he said.

This is a family and friends event for preschool children through the fifth grade, he said.

“They can invite anybody they want,” he said. “The community is welcome to come. The concept is to get families together to do something as a family, to help family bonding.”

People provide their own kites, he said. The church will serve a free hot dog lunch outdoors and is asking everybody to bring picnic blankets or folding chairs.

Family members will assist their own children in getting their kites ready and in the air, he said.

“If there are issues we can help, as in the case of a single mom who doesn’t know how to fly a kite,” he said. “Or if one breaks, we can fix it.”

Brown said the church has children’s events throughout the year.

“Our goal in children’s ministry is to share the gospel with every child that comes in contact with our ministry,” he said. “We do that by developing relationships with children and parents, to have the privilege of sharing Christ with them.”

The church’s next outreach to children and parents will be a family picnic in May, Brown said. During June and July there will be “Kid Spot” events every Tuesday, including games, bowling, skating and movies. In July, there will be a four-day children’s camp for third-sixth graders. In June, there will be “Reach—a family adventure,” with various activities and games.

“High Adventure” is the current theme of the children’s ministry.

“We hit all the main stories of the Bible and the main characters of the Bible through the five years they are with us,” Brown said.

David Goddard, the church’s discipleship and family pastor, said the weather forecast for Sunday afternoon is 12-15 mph winds, “great for kite flying.”

“We work with the families who have preschool children, teenagers and college students and we want to minister to them that whole time as a family,” Goddard said. “In doing that, we are also going to be ministering to the parents because we are taking care of their kids in that whole process.”

Church activities have been affected by COVID-19, he said, but people are coming back.

“People are feeling more comfortable,” Goddard said. “We feel like we are making progress. People are getting back into the routine of coming to church on Sunday.”

The church’s Sunday schedule is Classic Service at 8 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., Modern Service at 9:30 (simultaneous with Classic Service) and 11 a.m., with Sunday school at 9:30 and 11 a.m.

At 6 p.m. Wednesday there is a children’s worship service for grades one through five. Also on Wednesday there is a teenager program 6-7:30 p.m. and a college program 8-9 p.m. There are adult classes 6-7 p.m. Wednesday.

 “We’re working at trying to reach this community and show them God’s love,” Goddard said.

The church is located at 8015 W. Adams Ave. in Temple. For information visit