Greater Vision

Greater Vision includes Jon Epley, left, Rodney Griffin, Gerald Wolfe and Chris Allman.

Greater Vision will bring gospel music to Central Texas with a performance 3 p.m. today at Taylor’s Valley Baptist Church, 2497 W. FM 93 in Temple. The event is sponsored by Crimson River Ministries.

“Since December of 1990, Greater Vision has inspired audiences around the world with their rich vocal blend and their effective ability to communicate the message of the gospel. They have established a firm place at the pinnacle of Christian music, becoming the most awarded trio in the history of Gospel music,” Tony Watson, Crimson River Ministries spokesman, said.

Gerald Wolfe, the group’s founder, serves as pianist and emcee. Rodney Griffin, an award-winning songwriter, sings the lead part for the trio. Chris Allman, who also is a prolific songwriter, sings tenor. Jon Epley is the newest member of the group having joined April of 2017 as the baritone singer.

Greater Vision appears regularly on the InTouch television program hosted by Dr. Charles Stanley. They also appear on the Gaither Gospel video series. Wolfe also served as a co-host on Bill Gaither’s syndicated “Homecoming Radio” show. One of their most recent endeavors is being a part of the “Gospel Music Hymn Sing” DVDs and coinciding GMHS events across the nation.

Greater Vision’s latest recording, “The Journey,” celebrates the group’s more than 30 years of ministry, with five new songs, penned by Rodney Griffin, Chris Allman, and Jon Epley, and completely new recordings of eight “Greater Vision Classics.” The new project was produced by Wolfe and Trey Ivey, and is distributed by Daywind Records.

In each of their previous 30 years of ministry, Greater Vision has appeared in Bell County concerts sponsored by Crimson Rive Ministries.

“To be honest, Greater Vision is a big part of the reason that there is a Crimson River Ministries. When we heard of their formation in the fall of 1990, my father-in-law, James Rhoads, and I made the decision to see if we could bring this new group to Texas. We knew they were going to be outstanding and it was the best decision we could have made,” Watson said.

“We’ve had a number of groups in our concert series over the past 31 years, but one thing has been constant. That one thing is you can count on Greater Vision appearing annually. You can also count on that being our most attended concert each year”.

Tickets are $25 for artist circle seating and $22 for general admission seating and are available online at