Chef Tim Hollingsworth's mother, who sufffers memory loss, sits with him as he cooks her favorite recipes. Being present for the preparation helps bridge the distance that dementia can create.

Hard winter squash is a delicious and versatile vegetable that can be used as a side dish, in fillings for ravioli or lasagna, as a noodle alternative, in soups, salads, stuffed and so on.

If ever there was a season for bourbon, it’s fall. The rich, round vanilla notes of a good bourbon complement our favorite autumn foods.


The growing options for outsourcing meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking can be called time-saving blessings or culture-destroying curses. In the end, they’re probably a complicated mix of both.

I love eating deviled eggs and egg salad, but I had been avoiding making either because it was so much trouble peeling the eggs. Then this summer, I visited my friend Kirsten. Her secret  is that you crack the egg on the bottom (that’s the egg’s larger side, while the top is the more pointed side).