Peru's lomo saltado is fusion cooking at its easiest and most approachable. This quick stir-fry includes soy-marinated beef, tomatoes and hot peppers, and reflects Peru's cultural — and culinary — influences.

Tomatoes may get more attention, but throughout Italy, lemon also often finds its way into pasta. The sour and subtly sweet citrus balances the noodle’s starch and the sauce’s heft.

Chef and food writer J. Kenji López-Alt suspects there’s something in your kitchen that you’re not using near enough — the wok. The Asian deep-bottomed pot is his versatile go-to cooking tool.

The classic French sauce gribiche is something like a dolled-up egg salad. But instead of adding mayonnaise to hard-cooked eggs, the eggs are mashed with bold ingredients like capers, mustard and herbs.

Evidence of French colonial rule is dotted throughout Vietnam, particularly in the cuisine. Baguettes also are everywhere, and more likely to be stuffed with a distinctively Vietnamese riot of contrasting flavors.

It’s been a bit since the traybake crossed the Atlantic from Britain, where a host of cooking personalities popularized a technique that combines big flavor and weeknight convenience onto one pan.

Kale salads may be all the rage, but served raw, the sturdy green can be off-puttingly tough. So we looked at its cousin, cabbage, for clues on how to tame the texture without cooking it.

In Tunisia, partiers and laborers line up during the pre-dawn hours for the same thing — steaming bowls of lablabi, a hearty soup of chickpeas and stale baguette that tastes so much better than it sounds.