Local residents will have the chance Monday to listen and read audio and writing projects created by veterans.

Texas Folklife and VSA Texas are hosting the “Stories for Creative Forces Listening Party” in Temple. The writings and audio recordings all come from a workshop this weekend by the two organizations.

The event will be held 6-8 p.m. Monday at the Cultural Activities Center, 3011 N. Third Street. It will be free and open to those who have made a RSVP.

Workshops that were held by the two organizations mainly served as a way to help active military personnel and veterans share stories through writing, storytelling and audio.

“Participants of Texas Folklife’s workshops gained experience in research and interviewing techniques, audio recording, audio logging, transcribing, translating, writing composition, story crafting with audio field recordings, and audio editing,” Texas Folklife and VSA Texas said in a press release. “VSA Texas’ workshops focused on teaching writing styles and providing writing tools to help participants express their personal experiences through fiction, nonfiction and poetry.”

For those who are not able to attend the listening party, the audio presentations will be distributed on the Texas Folklife podcast, SoundCloud and Public Radio Exchange.

For copies of the writing projects, the stories will be featured in this year’s edition of the Re-Integration Project which will be released for the first time at the event. Those who come to the listening party will receive free copies of this annual publication.

Eric Eliason and Tad Tuleja, co-editors of Warrior Ways: Explorations in Modern Military Folklore, will be guest speakers at the event. The two will try and relay to visitors the ways military service members express their experiences of military life.

Those who wish to attend the event can RSVP through the website.