BELTON — The Council literally put the meat into their meeting Tuesday evening.

The Belton City Council approved a zoning change for a new meat market, 116 N. Birdwell St., being built by Ronnie Schoepf Jr., owner of Schoepf’s barbecue restaurant.

“As you can see this proposed location is very close to our great police department and the new police memorial sign that was recently installed,” Erin Smith, director of planning, said. “It’s currently zoned retail, but they are requesting planned retail development zoning to allow for some reduced setbacks.”

A retail zone requires a front yard setback of 25 feet, but because of irregular shape of the lot and the size of the building — 50-by-100 feet — it made it difficult to meet the setbacks. A planned development retail district will allow for a reduced front yard setback of 22 feet and a reduced northern and southern side yard setback of 10 feet.

“The reductions in the setbacks provide some relief for the proposed development, but do not allow sufficient space for the interior driveway and required parking,” according to a staff report prepared by Smith.

The solution: the large unutilized 2,947-square-foot area next to the Belton Police Memorial. The city is working with Schoepf to create a driveway easement and shared parking agreement with the Belton Police Department.

Mayor Marion Grayson and several members of the Council said the agreement was great.

Construction will be approved once the driveway easement occurs and the shared parking agreement is hashed out between Schoepf’s and the city.

As for the actual meat market, it will be 5,000 square feet and will have a storage area, meat preparation area and retail area for customers. The store entrance will face Central Avenue.

The meat market will have the same stone as the other Schoepf’s buildings.

“I call it the Schoepf’s stone,” Smith said.

Schoepf said he appreciated Smith calling it the Schoepf’s stone, but he has another name for it.

“We call it the cost-effective stone out of San Saba,” Schoepf said.

Along with approving the zone change, the Council conducted a public hearing.

“There’s a lot at stake here,” Grayson said before opening the hearing. Only Schoepf participated.

“I think it’s a great thing, Ronnie. I’m really pleased with what you’re doing here, man. It’s going to be a real wonderful addition.” Pearson said before making a motion to approve the zone change.