Tuesday Solace, a Temple program that gives a few hours of respite for caregivers each week, will celebrate the program’s 10th anniversary Tuesday.

Tuesday Solace is hosted by St. Francis Episcopal Church, 5001 Hickory Road. Volunteers take in  individuals affected by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia each Tuesday afternoon while their caregivers tend to other business.

“Most of the caregivers end up running errands and doing things they need to do,” Program Director Leonard Henry said. “Caring for a person is really a 24-hour job, so they seem to appreciate a few free hours of getting away and doing the things they need to do.”

According to the church’s website, all volunteers receive training from the Alzheimer’s Association and are required to take a course under the Catholic Diocese of Texas before participating.

The program lasts from 1-4 p.m. each week and usually consists of singing, a devotional and entertainment.

Tuesday’s event will include a recognition of the 10th anniversary, complete with cake and ice cream.

“We feel blessed,” Henry said. “It really is a ministry that we probably enjoy as much as the participants do.”