D’Andre Antonio Green

D’Andre Antonio Green

D’Andre Antonio Green was named to the Bell County Most Wanted list by Bell County Precinct 3 Constable Thomas Prado.

Green, 30, of Temple, has a warrant for allegedly assaulting a family/household member with a previous conviction.

“If this is you, just turn yourself in,” Prado said in a Facebook message to Green. “If this is not you and you know this person, call your local police department.”

Prado also volunteered to give Green a free ride.

“Mr. Green, just call my office. We will be glad to give you a free Uber ride to your local Bell County Bed and Breakfast.”

A Bell County grand jury indicted Green in 2016, citing him for intentionally and knowingly biting someone’s ear. He had previously been convicted of two counts of assault with bodily injury of a family member in July 2013, the indictment showed.