My super hero

Landon Larson, 7, an occupational therapy patient at McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White, became very animated when he spotted some visiting superheroes outside. He ran into Spider-Man, Collin Murray, again in the hospital and took the opportunity to give him another hug.

It’s not often you see superheroes washing windows.

On Thursday, Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man were cleaning windows at McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White, and while they attracted attention from the youngsters and their parents who were walking between the hospital and McLane Specialty Clinic, many of the little ones who were enthusiastic from a distance became progressively more shy the closer they got to the Marvel Comics’ characters.

Others were not so shy and wrapped their arms around their heroes.

The window washers work for Fish Window Cleaning in College Station.

Kyle Martin, who arrived at McLane Children’s Hospital in December to clean the windows as Batman, returned Thursday as Captain America.

Collin Murray was dressed as Spider-Man, with Brennan Shore portraying Iron Man.

Some of the characters are featured in the latest superhero film, “Captain America: Civil War,” set to open today.

Jacob Brown didn’t hesitate when he saw the action heroes standing on the lawn between the hospital and clinic. As his father, Ruben Brown, looked on, Jacob ran toward the action heroes, greeting each with a high five.

The two were on their way to the hospital to have some tests done to determine the cause of Jacob’s headaches and migraines.

“The last time we did this it was a blast; all of the kids enjoyed it,” said Martin, aka Captain America. “The guys had fun and McLane Children’s asked us to come out and do it again.”

With the opening of the Captain America movie, the timing is perfect, he said.

The children’s reactions are the best,” Martin said.

“When we first arrived this morning and walked into the lobby there were about four kids wanting to have their picture taken with us,” he said. “It puts a smile on their faces and it makes us feel amazing. It’s good.”

Martin’s children haven’t seen him in the costume.

“When I get home my 3-year-old is going to have a lot of fun,” Martin said.

Whatever they were doing, when a child approached the costumed characters would stop and talk to the youngsters and pose for pictures.

Hospital patient Shon Knight, 10, came down from his room decked out in his own Spider-Man costume, courtesy of the hospital. Though there was some doubt about the costume fitting, Shon promised he would make it work and he did.

One curious youngster clung to her mother’s neck and was eventually talked into posing with the superheroes.

Another little girl holding an ice cream cone she got at the farmer’s market set up on the front lawn of the hospital, approached the Avengers, but when one of them mentioned that the frozen treat looked pretty tasty she began to back away holding the cone behind her back.