On Monday a parade of vehicles carrying teachers, students and administrators from Belton ISD’s High Point Elementary passed through the Temple neighborhood near the school.

The students are sheltering at home, using remote learning options to do their schoolwork as the coronavirus pandemic forces the campus to remain closed at least until April 3.

About 25 vehicles participated in the parade, meant to create a “highlight” this week for the school’s students, teachers and administrators, Amy Armstrong, High Point principal, said. “We miss seeing their faces,” she said. “We wanted to smile at them and encourage them to do their best work while they are away. We are doing the best to meet their needs and to keep them healthy until they get back.

“Relationships built are important,” Armstrong said. “What teachers do is love kids. We miss them and can’t wait till we are back together.

“We want parents to know, if they have needs they can reach out to us,” she said.