Drive-through prayer

Cars line up for a drive-through prayer. Cheryl Fausnacht, a member of Trinity Church, started the service at church on West Adams Avenue in Temple recently.

For Temple resident Cheryl Fausnacht, no virus or weather could stop her from attempting to help people in a time of crisis through faith.

Fausnacht, along with other faithful, have been camping out in front of Trinity Church at 7101 W. Adams Ave. to hold a drive-through prayer service.

Residents who need someone to pray with are able to drive into the parking lot, roll down their window and spend a few minutes getting the spiritual support they need.

Over the past week, Fausnacht said, she has prayed with more than 50 people, even converting two of those who came out.

“This is the Lord’s doing and he is going to keep us safe,” Fausnacht said. “When he tells us to stop we will stop. He is going to protect us during that time.”

Fausnacht said her experiences from volunteering during Hurricane Harvey gave her the idea to set up a drive-through prayer service when the coronavirus started. Ed Dowell, Trinity Church pastor, supported the idea to bring the church to the people since residents can’t come inside the church with coronavirus restrictions in place that limit gatherings of people to 10.

Fausnacht said she has seen people of many different denominations since she began the prayer service. They range from Catholics to Jehovah’s Witnesses, she said. She said she also has seen those of all ages and all economic status as well.

Fausnacht said she has prayed with those coming in about their health and the health of others as well as their concerns over finances and job security.

Temple resident Jeri Brock, who stopped in Saturday for her second time, said praying in the parking lot has helped fill a need for human contact. She said she has been constantly praying on the topic of the virus, even if she has not been able to attend church services.

“Church is wherever you make it,” Brock said. “You take a moment and pause on the word, and that is your church. But it is still nice to go out and be with people.”

Fausnacht said she plans on staying out in front of the church, praying for those coming by, for as long as Trinity Church is closed.