BELTON — Baker Ranch is the first Belton farming business to be awarded a top animal certification by A Greener World, a nonprofit that advocates practical and sustainable farming systems.

The 450-acre ranch, owned by Dr. Dudley Baker, was certified grassfed by A Greener World, the organization announced in a news release. The ranch is located off of FM 1123 in unincorporated Bell County.

The certification is the only one in North America that guarantees food products come from animal fed a 100 percent grass and forage diet; raised outdoors on a pasture or range for their entire life; and managed according to the animal welfare guidelines established by A Greener World.

“I have been proud of my Certified Animal Welfare Approved by (A Greener World) certification and I am even more proud to show our customers that our cattle enjoy healthy grasses in their diet — no grain or other unnatural feedstuffs,” Baker said. “Our 100 percent grassfed beef is not only healthy, but it tastes better, too.”

Demand for grassfed beef has grown by nearly 30 percent every year in the past decade, according to A Greener World.

Emily Moose, spokeswoman for A Greener World, said the group’s grassfed label cannot be matched by other organizations’ certifications.

“We’re proud to support farmers and ranchers like Baker Ranch and to help them promote their high-quality grassfed meat and sustainable farming practices to the public,” Moose said.

To order beef from Baker Ranch, email Baker at or call him at 254-760-9127.