LITTLE RIVER-ACADEMY — Ronnie White told a Telegram reporter on Monday afternoon that he never said Thursday night that he was quitting as mayor of Little River-Academy and that he only resigned as municipal judge.

However, the City Council called a special meeting at 7 tonight to discuss White’s verbal resignation last week as mayor, Interim Mayor Drew Lanham said.

The plan is for the Council to accept what it considers as White’s verbal resignation, Lanham said.

“My family wants me to go ahead and quit, but the people in town don’t,” White said. “But I’ll probably quit.”

White said Thursday night he resigned as municipal judge but also quit as mayor at the end of the meeting just after a motion was made to adjourn.

“I resigned as judge and walked out and quit as mayor,” White told the Telegram on Thursday night after the meeting concluded. “They said they would pay me as mayor until the end of my term, but then they voted to not pay me.”

Lanham said White pulled his name out of the mayor’s nameplate on the ledge in front of him and said, “I’m through. You can have this.”

Jack Bennett, sworn in Thursday night as Councilman, asked after that if the Council could have White’s resignation in writing.

White said, “We can go outside and I’ll give it to you in writing,” Lanham said.

The Council took White’s statement to Bennett as a threat and an invitation to go outside and fight, Lanham said.

But White told the Telegram Friday that he invited Bennett to go outside with him because he had his written resignation in his vehicle. White said Monday that resignation was his resignation from the municipal judge position.

Lanham said that he plans to have proof with him tonight that White resigned as mayor.