The family hero

Jerry Flanigan holds his family’s pet German shepherd, Katy Mae, who came to his rescue as he was being attacked by pit bulls.

A family is thankful for its German shepherd, Katy Mae, because she protected her owner from possible serious injuries from two neighborhood pit bulls.

Jerry Flanigan was walking Katy Mae in the 8500 block of Sage Meadow Drive when he was attacked by two pit bulls, his wife Nancy said Tuesday. Nancy said that Katy Mae got on top of him, covering his neck area and as much of his body as she could with her body.

Katy Mae couldn’t keep the two dogs from biting Jerry, but Nancy thinks his injuries would have been much worse without her sacrifice, she said.

“Jerry tried to get her to run but she wasn’t having that. She spread herself over Jerry and she was not moving. I do believe that she saved him,” Nancy said.

Jerry had bites to his forehead, nose, hand, knees and elbows, as well as scratches on his chest. He was taken to Baylor Scott & White Memorial Hospital, where his wounds were cleaned and he was released, Nancy said.

However, Jerry started the first of a series of five rabies shots Wednesday, Nancy said.

Katy Mae was taken to the vet, where several stitches were required on her neck. She was picked up Tuesday afternoon by her grateful owners.

“Our vet said she was so lucky because the bite was right next to her jugular,” Nancy said.

“This isn’t the first time Katy Mae has protected him. She protected him one time when a dog pushed him down from behind,” Nancy said.

The Temple Police Department received the call for the animal bite at about 9:04 a.m. Tuesday, spokesman Cpl. Christopher Wilcox confirmed Wednesday.

Animal Control was advised of the situation and the matter was referred to that office.

Animal Control confirmed the dogs’ owner surrendered them to Temple Animal Services. Both dogs are in quarantine at the animal shelter. No information was found that indicated the dogs or the owner of the dogs were involved in any previous incidents, Walter Hetzel, director, said Wednesday.