Work continues on Hogan Road in Temple on Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019. Michael Miller/Telegram

Even after passing the initial five-month estimate scheduled for construction, work on a portion of Hogan Road is expected to continue for at least another four months.

Work started in the middle of March this year on the portion of Hogan Road between State Highway 317 and Cedar Lane. This road work was initially set to last about five months, which would have the completion date in the middle of August, and has now been extended to January of 2020.

With the road work, the city planned to add two water lines, a 12-inch line and a 18-inch line, on top of a drainage conveyance and a new 10-foot wide sidewalk.

According to city project engineer Sharon Carlos, the delay in the project was caused when contractors found the work needed to complete the project was much more complex than what was originally intended. Workers needed to start another phase of the project first before coming back to the section between the highway and Cedar Lane.

“That (section) will remain closed until about January,” Carlos said. “It is basically like a jigsaw puzzle. We had to abandon one of the water lines in order to work on the road, but before we could work on the water lines we had to put in the new water lines and test them.”

Construction crews currently have the entire 12-inch pipe completed, with only half of the 18-inch pipe completed. Carlos said construction on the proposed sidewalk will begin next week and take around a month to complete.

This section of construction on Hogan Road is part of a larger construction project taking place along the same road, updating old pipes. While one section of the project was delayed, the whole of the project is still on track for a completion date in May of 2020.