Texas cities, counties, transit systems and special-purpose taxing districts will receive $1.07 billion in sales tax allocations in November, according to a news release from Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar.

Most of Central Texas continued to rebound strongly from the economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying partial and full closure of non-essential businesses. Bell, Coryell and Milam counties, as well as almost all of the municipalities in those counties, reported increases in November compared to the same month last year. Many tallied double-digit percentage point increases.

Temple saw an increase in its allocation compared to November last year. It is expected to receive about $2.9 million, a 24.05% increase from last year.

Belton also experienced a healthy increase in its allocation. It will get $797,214, a 32.88% rise.

The total November allocations for Texas represent a 20.6% increase from the allocations distributed during the same month last year. These allocations are based on sales made in September by businesses that report tax monthly, and on sale made in July, August and September by quarterly filers.

Bell County

The county will receive $2.69 million in sales tax allocations in November, an increase of 23.28% from this time last year, according to the release.

Killeen is expected to receive $3.08 million in sales tax revenue, a 16.94% increase from the allocation distributed in November 2020, the release stated.

Harker Heights will receive $955,223, a 17.26% increase from last November.

This month Nolanville is receiving $148,250, a 20.36% increase over the same month last year.

Troy will get $66,291, a 27.91% increase from November 2020.

Salado is set to receive $63,834 this month, a 10.74% increase from last year.

Morgan’s Point Resort will receive $33,410 in November, a 13.91% increase compared to November last year.

Rogers is expected to receive $11,936, a 33.43% increase.

Little River-Academy will receive $11,806, 7.63% increase over last year.

Coryell County

Coryell County will receive $311,298 this month for a 23.25% increase from last year’s allocations during November.

Copperas Cove saw a 16.42% increase in November allocations over last year; it is set to receive $652,976.

Gatesville experienced a 15.6% increase in sales tax allocations this month, receiving $235,606.

Milam County

Milam County will receive $140,078 in November, an increase of 37.86% from this month last year.

Cameron is expected to receive $110,847 in November, a 10.75% increase from last year.

Rockdale will receive $104,255 this month, a 25.12% increase compared to last year.

Thorndale will get $20,517, an 8.88% increase from November 2019.

Milano is set to receive $15,569, a 66.65% increase.