Mother's Day Ebony Marriott

Ebony Marriott, a Temple resident, operates Ebony & Ivory’s Childcare and Learning Center, 1706 W. Ave. M in Temple.

For Temple resident Ebony Marriott, being a mother is both a job and a calling.

Marriott, who owns Ebony & Ivory’s Childcare and Learning Center in Temple, has worked for the last 20 years raising her own children as well as those of others.

Marriott said she created her own group day home before she gave birth to her twin daughters, Madison and Morgan, more than 20 years ago.

At the time, Marriott said, she was working at another day care and did not like what she saw. She said she wanted a place where she could leave her children as well.

Since then, Marriott has raised her daughters as well as her son, Bryant, 19, in the day care along with the other children she takes care of.

“I’ve been doing day care since they have been here in the world, and I just love what I do,” Marriott said.

In 2019, Marriott bought a building in Temple to house her business and expanded into a day care center. She said she, and her employees, are now certified to take care of 114 children. Marriott’s business is at 1706 W. Ave. M in Temple.

The day care’s employees include Marriott’s two daughters, who have come full circle and now are helping out with the children.

Her clients have grown to include children she took care of. Now, they bring their own sons and daughters to the day care.

While the children she takes care of now are not hers, Marriott said she still tries to make the center a second home for them.

“I’ve got plenty of kids to keep me busy,” Marriott said. “It does take a village to raise these babies, and I love this village that we have here.”

Marriott said she enjoys Mother’s Day each year, as she helps the children she takes care of make cards for their family members.

“They are making some things for their mothers and their aunts, and I get some of that love, too,” Marriott said. “It is a really sweet time of the year.”