Stephen Bernard Thomas Jr.

Stephen Bernard Thomas Jr.

A 26-year-old Temple man allegedly cashed forged checks at local banks, police said.

In the Bell County Jail Friday was Stephen Bernard Thomas Jr., charged with forgery of a financial instrument — a state jail felony.

In the afternoon on March 1, Thomas allegedly cashed a check from a local business in the amount of $2,862.62, an arrest affidavit said. He used his Texas ID card at Texas First State Bank, 7285 W. Adams Ave. The photo from the ID identified him to the bank employee and to the Temple Police, who had him in its database.

Thomas tried again to cash another check from the same business, this time at the Woodway branch of the bank. However, this bank employee knew the check was fraudulent and was able to identify Thomas, the affidavit said.

The local business was able to confirm Thomas had never been an employee or vendor of the bank and the check was fraudulent.

The fraudulent activity was reported March 4 to the Temple Police Department.