Lost dog

 Belton resident Brandi Frazier and her family continues to search for Hailey, a deaf dog that is lost.

BELTON — For Belton resident Brandi Frazier and her family, the cold weather and icy conditions are not only leaving them inside but also preventing them from finding a beloved family pet.

The family has been searching constantly since Sunday for their dog Hailey, who ran off into nearby woods and is still missing. The family has been worried about their pet due to her being completely deaf and the cold weather conditions.

Hailey is a merle miniature Aussie, weighing about 20 pounds, with mostly white with some spots of black including around both of her eyes.

Frazier said the family has had many friends and strangers come out to try and help find the dog, though those efforts have mostly stopped due to the cold weather.

“She was born right before the coronavirus hit so we haven’t gotten a chance to take her to the vet,” Frazier said. “And she is an indoor dog so we never really thought we would need it either.”

The dog was last seen at the family’s home in north Belton, located in the Mystic River subdivision off Main Street near the Leon River.

The family had brought Hailey outside for her birthday to be with her sibling who is with a family in the area.

Frazier said Hailey was spooked by the other dog and had been in a corner of the yard before slipping out through a small hole in the nearby stone wall.

The family has continued to look for her both night and day, with Hailey responding better at night due to changes in light since she is deaf and doesn’t respond to calls. Frazier said those coming to help have brought their own dogs as well as drones to search for the dog.

Frazier said the family suspects Hailey might have been picked up and taken to Killeen by someone due to a now deleted Facebook post describing a small deaf dog someone had picked up.

“We have had so many people call and they have been scouring the lost and founds in their areas, we had some people come, complete strangers, to help us search,” Frazier said. “We had people come out with thermal scopes just to see if they could find her at night. Some people came with drones but the couldn’t get it up and running before the cold snap came.”

In addition to calls for help, Frazier said she has been receiving scam calls trying to get money from her.

Frazier said that Hailey had not been wearing a collar since she didn’t like anything near her ears, and had not yet been microchipped since the family had just got her right before the pandemic.

The family is asking for anyone who has seen the dog, or knows where it is, to call them since both she and her kids are very worried about her. Those with information can call 254-768-1839.