Fort Hood fire

A burned out area near Owl Creek Wildlife Management Area at Fort Hood is shown June 14, 2022.

FORT HOOD — Three wildfires that scorched a total of 440 acres on Fort Hood last week were 95% contained as of late Wednesday, Fort hood officials said.

Fort Hood officials said the Wildland Management Area fire burned an estimated at 250 acres. The Clabber Creek Multi-Use Range fire burned an estimated 100 acres and the fire on the firing ranges near Blackwell Mountain burned around 90 acres, officials said.

“All three areas are under continued observation by the Fort Hood Fire Department in order to readily address any flair ups,” Josh Gillis, Fort Hood’s deputy fire chief, said in a statement.

Gillis said fire and range officials continually monitor the range for pop-up fires and respond accordingly if one is spotted.

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