Richard Alan Hill

Richard Alan Hill

BELTON — A 40-year-old Holland man was indicted on a felony stalking charge Wednesday for allegedly targeting a woman in Little River-Academy.

A four-page indictment and three-page arrest affidavit detailed alleged stalking by Richard Alan Hill.

Hill’s behavior was intentionally directed at a woman he’d dated for about six years and made her fear for her safety and her life, the affidavit said. The woman moved to Little River-Academy in June.

A series of Facebook messages and notes were sent in June and July to the victim. The first one said the only way she could get her things was to help unload them. The next message said he couldn’t let her go.

A note left where the victim lived said, “This ignoring me isn’t gonna get me to go away…. I’ll see you sooner or later.” The next note left for her said, “I’ll be here every day to let you know I’m never letting you go.”

A criminal trespass warning was issued for Hill, after which he reportedly threatened to post a video of the woman on a pornographic website. Hill also admitted he had followed the woman where she went.

Two tires were slashed on the woman’s vehicle.

Hill was arrested July 18 for criminal trespass and criminal mischief. During the drive to the jail, he reportedly admitted he went to the woman’s house several times a day. He also had marbles in his pocket that matched what was shot at the victim’s home.

The alleged stalking progressed with more projectiles shot at and through the house, repetitive phone calls, text messages that promised worse things if she didn’t give him “what he wants.” Phony Facebook profiles were made in her name, and Hill reportedly tried to manipulate her to come to euthanize a pet they had shared.

Hill was released from jail on bonds that totaled $23,000 for four misdemeanor charges. He was convicted of violation of a protective order in 2006, was charged with assault family violence that was dismissed in 2006 and then convicted of assault family violence, also in 2006.

The warrant for Hill’s arrest was issued July 30 by Bell County Justice of the Peace Ted Duffield.

Hill was in the Bell County Jail on Wednesday, held on bonds that totaled $123,000. In addition to third-degree felony stalking, Hill was charged with six misdemeanor charges — all reportedly related to the previous offenses against the victim.