Life Chain

Elissa Goodwin of Salado displays her sign Sunday afternoon during the 13th annual Life Chain event on South 31st Street in Temple.

Participants had partly cloudy skies and a cooling breeze Sunday afternoon for the 13th annual Life Chain on South 31st Street south of Loop 363.

Milton Hensley, one of the organizers, said about 55 people signed up to silently hold signs for passing motorists. In a short meeting before everybody dispersed with their signs, Joe Goodson, president of Concerned Christian Citizens, advised them to “offer nothing but God’s friendship.”

“We’re here for the babies,” he said.

He read from Proverbs 24:11: “Deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter.”

Jill Robbins of Holland said she and her husband, Dave, have been part of the Life Chain for five or six years.

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“We want to bring attention to the murder of pre-born Americans that should be born under the same constitutional rights that the rest of us are born under and enjoy,” she said. “We believe abortion is unconstitutional.”

The hope of Life Chain volunteers is to transform hearts, she said.

“Actually God does that,” she said. “We’re just bringing forth the truth that all people are created in the image of God.

“We want to expose the deeds of darkness and bring truth to light for people to see,” she said. “And we believe that God forgives the sin of abortion just like he does every other sin.”

Elissa Goodwin of Salado said her group included her mother; her husband, Chance; and their three children. This was her third year to join the silent demonstration.

“I’ve seen the damage it has done to very dear friends and the lives that would be here but are not, and it convicts me,” she said.

The idea is “to help anyone else who is on the fence about that decision, to hopefully prevent them from going in that direction,” she said. “I want to speak for the ones that cannot speak for themselves.”

Lee and Cathy Scribner of Temple were part of the Life Chain.

“We heard about it at church, for the first time, so we decided to come down and do it,” she said. “And I believe in why they’re here.”

Lee said God took man’s rib and made woman, and that one of the things she does is bear children.

“God said he loves children and we shouldn’t do anything to hurt them,” he said.

His sign read: “Adoption the Loving Option.”

Russell Chupik of Rogers said he came with a group from Grace Community Prime Time Baptist Church in Temple. His sign read: “Life the First Inalienable Right.”

“We’ve come before, to stand for the unborn,” he said. “Every life should be protected from the womb.”

One woman made her own sign, and said some young women with an unwanted pregnancy aren’t aware of the available help. Her sign read: “Pregnant? Need Help? 1-800-712-HELP.”