BARTLETT — For the third time in 10 years, a Bartlett City mayor was publicly censured by the City Council.

In a special meeting Friday, Bartlett City Council voted to censure the city’s mayor, John Landry Pack. This move by the Council publicly condemns behavior by the mayor which they find inappropriate.

Members of the Council and the city attorney all refused to comment about the censure proceedings, outside of what is already in public record. Pack did not answer his phone in several attempts to get a comment.

While Bartlett’s censuring of Pack has had other effects, censuring an official is usually used to publicly shame an official.

“It’s just them saying publicly they disagree with something someone did,” Coryell County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Parker said. “It’s like a public reprimand, (and) pretty rare.”

A city official said that the mayor was not present during the special meeting.

Pack was accused of many separate acts of misconduct according to the order of censure. The mayor was accused of making several harassing and demeaning comments to members of the City Council.

In addition to this, Pack was cited for three instances of failing to disclose a conflict in interest. He had not told the city about his involvement with Bartlett Beer, Cabana Boy Pool Service and his grandfather’s involvement with Bartlett Electric Co-op Inc.

The censure said Pack also used his power to make several purchases with city money without notifying, or receiving the permission of, the City Council. According to the censure, he went around the city secretary to approve “numerous” permit applications, despite the city’s code of ordinances not giving him the power to do so.

The city has now ordered that the mayor stop his inappropriate behavior, not intervene in city business outside of his duties, surrender his keys and be removed as signatory to all of the city’s accounts.

According to a public official, the mayor has already started to comply by turning his keys over to the city.

Previous censures both came regarding Mayor James Grant, who was censured by Council members in November 2010 and kicked out of his office in June 2011. After being elected mayor again, he was censured again in September 2016.

Telegram staff writer Deborah McKeon contributed to this story