Chalk Ridge Falls Park cleanup

Finn Burch, Niko Sanders, Coraline Case and Charlotte Burch sit on a bench after having picked up some trash during a Free Forest School weekly event.

BELTON — Adults and children are invited to Chalk Ridge Falls Park Saturday for a community cleanup event held by the Bell County chapter of the Free Forest School.

The organization decided to organize the cleanup for the park, located at 5600 FM 1670 in the Belton area, for the one-year anniversary of its Bell County chapter. The cleanup will start at 10 a.m. and continue for several hours, with no set end time.

Free Forest School is an organization that seeks to provide opportunities for children, up to age 8, with opportunities for at least an hour of outdoor activities a week, Bell County chapter director Kelsey Case said. Most events held by the local group gather roughly 10 local families, Case said.

“Our organization only started a year ago,” Case said. “Our goal is for the children to have an hour of uninterrupted free play in nature. It is just nice getting a bunch of children of different age groups together and playing together.”

The Bell County Free Forest School meets weekly at the Chalk Ridge Falls Park to walk, do minor cleanups and other activities with the local children. It is because of their regular visits to the park, Case said, that the group noticed the trash situation and wanted to help with the clean up.

“The community cleanup is kind of like an anniversary,” Case said. “We knew we wanted to do something for Chalk Ridge (because) every week we talk about how much litter there is.”

While the group normally caters towards families with its weekly events at the park, the cleanup at the park will be open to all those who wish to help make the park a better place for the entire community and not just those with kids.

The group plans on providing trash bags for all that attend but encourages those coming to bring their own work gloves.