Temple ISD will be bringing “TISD TV” to students’ living rooms, as the summer enrichment video series is scheduled to air from June 1 to July 31 for elementary-aged children.

“This idea originated about four weeks ago through some conversations about what (Temple ISD) can do to make sure we are still connecting with students over the summer because it’s been difficult not seeing our students face-to-face every day,” Christine Parks, Temple ISD’s chief of communications and community relations, said.

The series will run 9-11 a.m. Monday through Friday on TEM TV Spectrum Channel 10 — the city of Temple’s government access station. Each lesson broadcast also will be uploaded separately to TISD’s YouTube channel, Parks said.

Superintendent Bobby Ott expressed how pleased the district is to have expanded a program that strives to challenge students’ minds during the summer, as lessons will alternate daily between literacy and math.

“The enrichment program is for students in pre-K through fifth grade with a focus placed on literacy, math and bilingual instruction,” Ott said. “We have engaging videos that have been created that will be put on the TISD YouTube channel.”

Parks wanted to emphasize the district’s team of about 50 educators who developed the hundreds of lessons necessary.

“It took an incredible amount of work and creativity that they have taken to make this project a reality,” Parks said. “When you look at nine weeks of instructional videos … that ends up being about 256 lessons. We have 50 teachers from across the district that have volunteered to create these lessons as a way to connect with these students. We are just so grateful for them stepping up and offering this option, and making this a reality for our kids.”