Fort Hood

An M109A7 Paladin fires a 155 millimeter artillery round while undergoing an Initial Operational Test on Fort Hood in 2016.

Bell County residents could hear some loud booms Wednesday morning as live fire of the M109A7 Paladin will be conducted beginning 10 a.m. at Fort Hood.

The Greywolf Brigade, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, will be conducting the first fire of the Army’s latest version of the mobile artillery vehicle. With a 155 mm cannon, the M109A7 Paladin is “an enhanced artillery system that offers key-support for a variety of potential combat missions,” the news release from Fort Hood said.

The new version of the vehicle is part of the Army’s continued modernization efforts, according to the release. It includes “upgrades to its hull, turret, engine and suspension systems to offer increased reliability, survivability and performance,” the release said.