Two antique Ford Model T cars inside a 24-foot trailer were stolen from Temple, one of the car’s owners said Thursday.

The Diamond Cargo trailer has Texas license plate 91016N.

“Please be on the look out and report to Temple Police,” Julie Guseman Arriaga said in a Facebook post.

Benny Guseman, a Nacogdoches resident, said the cars were parked at the Frank W. Mayborn Civic and Convention Center for a Model T club weekend event.

The Model T was manufactured by the Ford Motor Co. between 1908 and 1927 as the first affordable model for the middle class.

Guseman said his father recently finished restoring one of the cars. The other is owned by a friend since he was 13, he said.

“They’re invaluable to us,” Guseman said.

He said a report was filed with the Temple Police Department.

Guseman said people with information about the cars should call police at 254-298-5500.