Temple warming station

Several homeless residents came to stay at Temple Impact Church’s warming station Nov. 30, as temperature dipped below freezing. Volunteers at the church checked the temperatures of those coming in and distributed masks.

Warming stations for local homeless residents will once open for the remainder of the week as temperatures dip.

Temple’s two warming stations, located at Impact Church and the Temple Salvation Army, opened Wednesday for the first of several anticipated times this week. Both organizations have continued to see steady number of clients coming in over the past several weeks of sporadic openings.

Roy Rhodes, pastor at Temple Impact Church, said he anticipated the two stations to be open for the rest of the week until after Saturday.

Both warming stations have opened up under the same conditions this year, when the weather has dropped below freezing on dry days or 35 degrees on wet days. This decision takes into account what the temperature feels like with the wind chill in the city.

Rhodes said that his station, along with the one at the Salvation Army, both serve food to the clients who come in, in the form of both lunch and dinner.

Despite the plan for stations to be open Thursday night, New Year’s Eve, Rhodes said Impact Church doesn’t plan on holding any holiday activities.

“It is just going to be another night,” Rhodes said. “One thing we are needing to do is manage the number of people.”

Temple Impact Church, which can host as many as 20 people, is located at 306 E. Adams Ave. The Temple Salvation Army building is located at 419 W. Ave. G.

Lows until Sunday are expected to hover around freezing, with Thursday reaching 34 degrees; Friday, 31 degrees; Saturday, 33 degrees; and Sunday, 35 degrees. Each day’s temperatures will be pushed lower due to wind chill.