Temple College

Temple College has been selected to be a Texas Pathways Cadre One Institution.

“This is the top tier that you can participate in Texas Pathways, which is a testament to the amazing team that we have here at Temple College, leading the pathways efforts and helping guide students to success,” Christy Ponce, Temple College president, said. “A ‘special thank’ you to Dr. Susan Guzman-Trevino for your work in helping us get to the next level.”

The announcement was made at the monthly meeting of the trustees.

Texas Pathways is a comprehensive, statewide five-year strategy to build capacity for Texas community colleges to implement structured academic and career pathways at scale. Through Texas Pathways, colleges clarify paths to student end goals, help students choose and enter a pathway, help students stay on their pathway, and ensure students are learning.

Ponce also announced that Ellen Davis, director of marketing and media relations, and TC’s marketing team won two National Council for Marketing and Media Relations Medallion awards for excellence in college marketing and public relations activities.

The awards are for the new athletic logo design and the Leopards on the Move wrap design on the TC bus.

Davis will receive the awards at the national convention in Albuquerque, N.M.

“Congratulations on your creativity, your design and your great marketing efforts for Temple College,” Ponce said.

Mark Smith, vice president of educational services, introduce Kadie Berlin-George, the new softball coach at TC, to the trustees.

 “I spent five years coaching at Northern Oklahoma developing the softball program,” Berlin-George said. “I’m very happy to be here.”

Berlin-George introduced two of the sophomores, MacKenzie Purcell and Alyssa Escamilla, who played on the TC team when it went to nationals earlier in the year.

The crowd that showed up to wish the team well as it left for Utah meant a lot to the team, said Purcell.

“It was a really long bus ride, I think it was 18 hours,” she said.  “It was interesting seeing snow in May.”

During the games the players were focused and would forget the environment they were in until they looked up and realized they were surrounded by mountains, Escamillia said.

“This team was the only team that held the national champions to single digits in runs,” Smith said.