The city of Belton’s charter might see some tweaks later this year.

The City Council recently appointed 10 residents to a committee to review the municipal government’s guiding document.

“The charter requires a review a minimum of every 10 years,” City Clerk Amy Casey said. “The last review was completed in 2015 with no changes made to the charter.”

The committee appointments were Brett Baggerly; Brandon Bozon, the city’s former finance director; Dave Covington, a planning and zoning commissioner; Jeannie Pittman; Jane Dominguez; Alton McCallum; Daniel Bucher, a parks board member and Council candidate; and Councilmen Craig Pearson, Dan Kirkley and David K. Leigh.

Mayor Marion Grayson tapped Covington as the committee chair.

The committee started developing recommendations for amendments May 13. It has until July 8 to propose any changes.

One change could be the length of council members’ terms. Currently, they serve two-year terms, with no term limits.

“In the past, we have heard from council members that there may be a benefit to adding a third year to the term of service, particularly for first-term council members,” Casey said. “The argument is that a third year of service allows for better continuity and more informed decision making. This seems like a reasonable topic for the Charter Review Committee to discuss at this time, and we look forward to hearing about their deliberations and potential recommendations in this regard.”

The Charter Review Committee will present recommendations to the Belton Council on July 14, according to a staff report. The Council then will hold a public hearing on the proposed changes July 28 and later call for an election Aug. 11.

Belton voters will decide the fate of any proposed charter changes in the Nov. 3 election.

They also will elect a new mayor and two Council members. Mayor pro tem Wayne Carpenter is the sole mayoral candidate while incumbent Councilman Guy O’Banion, Bucher and resident Cindy Black — who sought a Council seat in 2019 and lost — are vying for the two open seats.