BELTON — Three men charged with the aggravated assault of people in a home near Belton reportedly went there to buy some things, left and came back with guns to rob the residents, an arrest affidavit said.

Named in the three affidavits obtained by the Telegram were Robert Ray Ferguson, Charles Ferguson, Eric Goertz and a fourth man who was only identified by a first name.

Bell County Sheriff’s Department deputies on Jan. 19 went to the 200 block of Rosemont Drive to check on a robbery occurring that reportedly involved firearms. Deputies went to the address and saw several people outside and several males running away who refused to stop. One man appeared to have a rifle similar to an AR-15, the affidavit said.

One man reportedly pulled another man from a vehicle and hit him in the head with a firearm. The woman in the vehicle said her keys were taken. The woman with the victim recognized Charles Ferguson as one of the robbers, she said.

During the robbery, one man was hit in the head several times with a pistol. Two men had handguns and one had what looked like an AR-15. One robber fired a gun inside the house, and a casing was found, the affidavit said.

Goertz talked to deputies after he was read and waived his Miranda rights. He said the men forced their way into the house to rob the people. The weapons that looked like AR-15s were air soft rifles, but the handguns were real.

Both Charles Ferguson, 23, listed only from Texas, and Robert Ferguson, 31, of Nolanville were in the Bell County Jail on Thursday, each charged with aggravated assault of a date/family/household member with weapon — a first-degree felony. Also jailed on the same charge was Goertz, 30, of Nolanville.