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More growth is on its way to West Temple pending final approval, which is expected Thursday, of a land annexation by the city.

A 65.23-acre tract on the city’s western side received approval for the annexation during its first reading last week in a unanimous vote by the City Council.

The tract is located 2,141 feet west of the intersection of FM 2483 and State Highway 317, addressed as 9918 FM 2483. The land is bordered to the south by Temple, along with Lake Belton High School, to the east and west by county land and to the north by Morgan’s Point Resort.

Brian Chandler, planning director for the city, told the Council that officials are expecting the owners to request rezoning on the property to allow for single-family homes as well as up to 9.5 acres of non-residential development.

“Staff recommends approval of the voluntary annexation and we would expect a rezoning to come forward at any time in the next six months or so probably,” Chandler said.

Annexation of the property is being done voluntarily, with the owners of the property making the request.

A strip of land currently not annexed by the city borders the property to the east, separating it from State Highway 317.

Chandler said this land is currently under contract to be purchased by the owners of the tract requesting annexation. He said Council members could expect that section of land to eventually request annexation as well.

Temple has approved voluntary annexations for more than 300 acres around the city since the start of the year. Most of the land entering into the city has been in South Temple along Hartrick Bluff Road and Old Highway 95.

Tracts being approved for annexation are expected to house new single-family homes, including a 229.3-acre tract annexed in South Temple annexed in September.

The second reading to approve the annexation is expected to take place during the Council’s next meeting at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 21, at City Hall, 2 N. Main St.