Belton Roundabout

An aerial view of Belton’s new roundabout at the intersection of Sparta Road and Commerce Street, which opened in fall 2017.

BELTON — The Sparta Road-Commerce Drive roundabout will temporarily close next week.

Belton spokesman Paul Romer said the closure will last up to six hours beginning 8:30 p.m. Jan. 21.

“The structure is closing to conduct a test to determine why sections of concrete are cracking,” Romer said. “Should inclement weather occur, the test would be rescheduled.”

The cracks, Romer said, are visible on the concrete surface, including the areas where cars enter and leave the roundabout. Motorists are not impeded by the cracks.

Austin-based Smith Contracting built the roundabout three years ago. It was part of the city’s four-part $3.1 million Sparta Road reconstruction project.

This is not the first time the roundabout has seen cracks. The city repaired the traffic circle in November 2018 after cracks emerged in the concrete.

Romer emphasized the roundabout will be closed during evening hours to minimize disruptions to traffic.

The traffic circle is one of the main routes to several schools, including Belton High School, the BHS Ninth Grade Center and Sparta Elementary.

“The plan is for the roundabout to reopen several hours before the Jan. 22 morning commute,” Romer said.