Temple crime

An investigation into a 4-year-old boy found alone in someone’s yard was turned over to Child Protective Services, according to Temple Police Department spokesman Cody Weems.

Officers sent Sunday evening to the 1800 block of East Avenue K were there to perform a welfare check because a child was found in the caller’s yard.

The 4-year-old’s mother was found at a nearby residence and said she didn’t know the boy was missing, Weems said.

Gun allegedly pulled out during argument

A man may have threatened a woman with a weapon Thursday as they argued in a vehicle, according to a Temple Police report.

Laterrance Tomlinson, 19, of Marlin, was arrested and taken to the Bell County Jail. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and unlawfully carrying a weapon, Weems said.

Temple Police officers went to the 1500 block of Sandstone Loop to the call for an aggravated assault. The caller said she and Tomlinson were in a vehicle when he got angry, pulled out a handgun and threatened her with it.

Tomlinson’s bonds totaled $85,000.